CRM-Instructor /-Trainer Course (English)

Brief description

For future Human Factors- and CRM-trainer /-instructors.

Date: 26th October until 30th October 2020

Location: Frankfurt

Detailed description

In addition to presenting educational and psychological content, participants will learn the professional scope of a moderator as well as improve their verbal and nonverbal skills. During the five day training, the participants will give and receive regular feedback/assessments and reflect on their strengths and areas for development. Participants will not only learn the theoretical basics of CRM, but also have ample opportunities for practical implementation. The training complies with the standard requirements of EASA (Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012, AMC3 ORO.FC.115 FC CRM Trainer; GM3 ORO.FC.115 Minimum Training Times (3); GM7 ORO.FC.115 FC CRM Trainer Assessment; AMC3 ORO.CC.115 (e) CC CRM Trainer; GM2 ORO.CC.115(e) Minimum Training Times (3).

Brief description

This seminar covers:

- Introduction to CRM
- How to instruct CRM trainings
- The professional scope of an instructor
- Conducting a presentation
- The basics of learning
- Conveying verbal and non-verbal skills
- Leading discussions
- Conducting group work and role plays
- Handling challenging situations and participants
- Operator's Management Systems, different kind of trainings
- Regulations and other requirements
- CRM Topics according to AMC1 ORO.FC.115 Table 1, AMC3 ORO
CC.115(e) Table 1
- Lessons learned, case studies
- Group Exercises and role plays

Duration: 5 days
Date: 26th October until 30th October 2020
Price: 1.666.- Euro / participant, VAT 19 % included

Important information

Teaching methods include:
Individual and group work
Practical exercises
Role play
Short speeches
Movies and audio recordings


The price includes the training only. In this case, hotel, classroom and accommodation for the trainer will be organized by the customers/trainees.

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